9 Aug 2009


To my visitors of my site SMARTIEDAPHNE:

The site will no longer update any news of Doctor Who,it has moved to here



4 Aug 2009

Welcome Back everyone

Spoilers ahead don't read if you don't like SPOILERS!

So,seems like John Barrowman(Captain Jack Harkness) and Billie Piper(Roes Tyler).They're back on set,but this time it's the Rose Tyler from 2005 which means she haven't met the Doctor yet.A very young looking Rose Tyler and her Mother, Jackie are also in the last scene! The Doctor will cross his own Timeline just to say goodbye to Rose!

2 Aug 2009

Tennant's last episode

Russell T Davies,head writer for Doctor Who, has now confirmed that for the last episode of 2009, also known as The End of Time.Tennant's last episode will have a duration of seventy five minutes, otherwise known as one hour and fifteen minutes.

"Actually, our very last episode, coming at Christmas , David's very last episode, is one hour and 15 minutes long." said Russell, one of Tennant's special rumoured to be called Nightmares Reign, has not yet been confirmed yet.

30 Jul 2009

Song for the tenth doctor

This is a video made by me
this is why i made this video,the reason i made this,is because yesterday,i listened to a song on itunes,the song was called End by Secondhand Serenade,then when i listened to it,i thought of the tenth doctor,leaving,regenerating,so i made this video.
Don't let me drown
Don't let me down

I tried to be
I can't get you out of my lonely mind
I'm suffering
How did I die

'Doctor Who ' named 'most successful sci-fi series' by Guinness: Suck it, 'Star Trek'

Guinness World Records named the famous British TV sci-fi show,'Doctor Who',the most successful sci-fi series,yesterday, a distinction based on ratings, DVD sales, and Web popularity. (The announcement comes during a strange time for Who devotees, as they're getting prepared for a new doctor to take the lead.)

read more in http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/07/27/doctor-who-named-the-most-successful-scifi-series/

28 Jul 2009

David Tennant's last momment of Doctor Who

Here is 2 Trailers The Waters Of Mars,and the 3rd special is called End Of Time,here is the trailer